Lady Gaga is Not Anti-Rape, She’s Perpetuating It

Lady Gaga is Not Anti-Rape, She’s Perpetuating It

[ I want to preface this with trigger warnings for sexual assault, rape, and the disgusting pieces of dog shit that are both Terry Richardson & R. Kelly. ]

I know most of this is old news, but you & me? We need to talk about Lady Gaga.

Yes, Lady Gaga, Mama Monster, queen of a Little Monster army even I was once part of – now a self-marketed martyr for the anti-rape movement. Social media users everywhere shouted her praises from the rooftops after her moving 2016 Oscars Performance of “Til it Happens to You,” a song originally written (mostly by songwriter Diane Warren – not Gaga) for the campus rape documentary, The Hunting Ground. Seriously, I couldn’t go anywhere on social media without seeing this Ode to Gaga and how amazing she was for putting light on sexual assault, which left a sour taste in my mouth.

Why so sour,” you might ask. “Isn’t it nice that she’s giving light to something so important?

Quite frankly: No.

Lady Gaga isn’t some magical martyr for sexual assault and its survivors. She’s a firm perpetuator of rape culture.

Now, I could go on & on about how Lady Gaga is problematic, but for the sake of keeping this well under 3,000 words, I’m going to focus on just her impact on rape culture and the conflicting messages she continues to send with her actions and partnerships. Let’s start with one of the most obvious…

“Do What U Want” featuring alleged child rapist, R. Kelly

Lady Gaga’s rape anthem, “Do What U Want” was already pretty bad, but you add grimy, nasty, rapey R. Kelly to the mix, and you’ve got yourself the most disgusting piece of music since Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” (which oddly enough was only released 7 months earlier). This song included lyrics like:

You can’t have my heart
And you won’t use my mind but
Do what you want with my body…
You can’t stop my voice cause
You don’t own my life but
Do what you want with my body

giving it those extra controlling undertones, but if you needed further proof of the very rape-fueled intent of this song, look no further than the music video. Yes, there was a music video, but only one small piece ever saw the light of day, and that’s because it’s literally an ad for rape. In the video, R. Kelly plays a doctor who is going to “sedate” a naked-under-a-sheet Gaga on an operating table. He then proceeds to take advantage of her sedated, drugged state, even telling her before she passes out that she would ‘wake up pregnant.’ …WHAT?!

For the record, though the video itself was pulled and unfinished, the “audio only” video on Lady Gaga’s YouTube Vevo channel has 46.3 million views. The “Til it Happens to You” full music video? 29.5 million. Perspective.

And while we’re on the topic of this disgusting rape ad er, “video” …any wild guesses as to who directed it? Why of course, it’s none other than the creepiest human alive, “Uncle” Terry Richardson! Which brings me to the fact that…

Gaga Continues to Work with Terry Richardson, the King of Sexual Assault Allegations

Not familiar with Terry Richardson? Well for starters, he looks like he could be the star of a grainy, piss poor 70’s porno complete with shoddy camera work and the creepy mustache that often graces the upper lips of pedophiles. If you’re still not familiar, think back to 2010 when models were coming forward talking about the American Apparel creep who prefers you call him “Uncle Terry,” pressures women into getting naked in exchange for fame, and often asks very young, teenage women to perform sexually explicit acts with/for him. Even his assistants were in on this sick, disgusting game, convincing women it “wasn’t porn” because of his credibility with celebrity photo shoots.

Ringing bells? Yeah, well Terry Richardson, this sexual predator and king of perverts currently works with Lady Gaga, and has been doing so since 2011.

…And readers, when I say “works with” I’m not just talking about a photo shoot or two. Terry Richardson has collaborated with Lady Gaga on music videos, a book, and is currently shooting a documentary about her ARTPOP tour. Yes, they’re currently filming. Still working together even after Lady Gaga’s Oscar Performance that was supposed to “send a message” about sexual assault. Does anyone else see the irony here?

By choosing to continue to work with Terry Richardson and profit off of collaborations with R. Kelly, Lady Gaga sends a message that sounds something like this:

“Sexual assault is wrong… unless your ‘perpetrator’ is my BFF Terry, then your assault doesn’t exist in my eyes.”

“I stand with rape victims! …well, maybe not the ones that ‘accused’ R Kelly.”

Lady Gaga, if you really want to practice what you preach, offering a booming voice for all assault victims (not just the ones that are convenient to you), then you need to publicly separate yourself from and denounce Terry Richardson and R. Kelly for their sexually predatory behavior. Stop letting these two suckle the teet of your power & cash flow!

Stop profiting off of “Do What U Want.” Or gee, I don’t know, maybe take any remaining profits you make off of royalties or video ads for that disgusting piece of garbage song and donate it to shelters for abused women/families. End your relationship with Creepy Terry – because let’s be real, though he’s got a long history with fame, your pedestal is much stronger than his.

Publicly denouncing these men will not damage your career. In fact, it may save it.

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