A Fat Girl’s Guide to Plus Size Fall Fashion

A Fat Girl’s Guide to Plus Size Fall Fashion

Ah Autumn! It’s the time when I breathe a sigh of relief because I no longer have to feel the pressure of having a ~summer-ready body~ breathing down my neck*. It’s the time for boots, bombers, and bulk. Halloween, hay rides, & hats. Pumpkins, picking apples, and perfect fucking weather. FALL IS MY HEAVEN, OKAY?

In honor of the most beautiful season to ever season, I’ve curated three plus size fall fashion looks, highlighting a few favorite items in particular. I was not paid to promote any of these businesses. I bought everything with all my own doll-hairs. These looks make me feel sexy, spunky, and fun. If you have any fall favorites that you’ll be wearing this season, please feel free to leave links to the shops in the comments below or share your own fat positive, plus size fall fashion photos with us on our Facebook page!

1 / My Grunge-Is-Not-Dead Shirt Dress

One of my favorite plus size fall fashion items is this layer-able shirt dress from Eloquii
I know this isn’t the first shirt dress leggings pairing you’ve seen. I know this isn’t the first time you’ve seen a plus size girl drape herself in black. But this is about what I feel good in, so humor me here. This was my very first purchase from Eloquii, & it was a good one. I call this my “grunge-is-not-dead” shirt dress because the tie in the front is reminiscent of my very-90s routine of tying sweatshirts and button-ups around my waist… I’m actually very excited that aesthetic is making such a comeback.

Paired with this shirt dress, I have a jean jacket (Ava & Viv for Target from last year, but this is similar), leggings (Torrid), leopard print flats (Target), and this cute pink quartz necklace (Eloquii). I’m on a Steven Universe kick, and Rose Quartz has me feeling – as the kids say – some type of way. I’m actually really in love with how delicate it is. I’ve worn it several times since.

Eloquii Pink Quartz Necklace: A perfectly delicate accessory for fall!
One thing to note about this ensemble: this shirt dress / tunic is actually pretty sheer. I have camis, slips, and leggings that I wear underneath sheer things, so I didn’t mind it. A lot of the reviewers on Eloquii were pretty sour about it though. While we’re talking undergarments & things, I highly recommend Torrid for leggings and camis. They’re a little more expensive ($23 & $19 respectively), but they’ve lasted much longer than my Old Navy, H&M & Target basics.

2 / My First Ever Faux Leather Jacket

Plus size girls like me can rock faux leather thanks to Forever 21 Plus
Until last week, I never owned my own faux leather jacket before. The way I felt about leather jackets were how I felt about jean ones prior to my first in 2015: an overwhelming fear of looking boxy or awkward. Well, I threw that mentality out with the trash and have learned my lesson: I can wear whatever the hell I want… and that includes this burgundy quilted faux leather jacket from Forever21 Plus. Guys, I feel like this other-worldly badass in this jacket. I got it last week, and I thank my lucky stars my friend Abby told me it looked good, because I almost put it back on the rack for fear of “looking boxy.” The peplum on this thing also makes it flirty, but still like I would kick your ass if you made a wrong move. I am pretty much in love with it.

I paired it with black skinny jeans (Old Navy), this sweet floral Misfits tank (Torrid), and my trusty leopard flats from the last outfit (Target). It’s a great combination that makes me feel punky & spunky, while still very much put together.

3 / My Boyfriend’s Flannel

Nothing is more perfect for fall than actual flannel from the men's section. Buy some, or steal it from your mate.
That’s right – I am not above stealing my own partner’s flannel because it is just so comfy and effortless. I wear this a lot… to the point where it may have permanently migrated over to my side of the closet (sorry babe). The reason why I love it is because it’s actually plaid flannel. So many times I see looks that are plaid, meant to look similar to flannel, but are a thinner, lower quality miss. Do not be afraid to look outside of the women’s section for quality clothing. There really isn’t much of a difference across gender lines, so who cares, really? No one. No one cares.

I paired this flannel with a black v-neck (Target), Torrid leggings, and these JustFab combat boots from like 3 years ago.

I am pausing for a moment to go on a mini tirade about how JustFab is THE WORST COMPANY. Do not ever buy from them unless you want to be charged for a monthly subscription that’s harder to get out of than a timeshare contract, a deal with the Devil, and a beanbag chair COMBINED. Just… don’t do it. The short version of my story: After getting $250 of my dollars ripped away from me unknowingly over the course of like 8 months, these boots were one of the only two JustFab forced purchases that have not fallen to pieces on me. I say forced because if I didn’t use the credits I “spent” $250 on, I’d lose my money completely. So, yeah… I’ve got a burning hatred for this company. If you like the boots, just splurge on some Doc Martens instead.

Honorable Mentions & Plus Size Fall Fashion Favorites:

*You know, someone should really alert the media because all bodies are summer-ready bodies. *shrug*

3 thoughts on “A Fat Girl’s Guide to Plus Size Fall Fashion

  1. Love this!! I recently got my first faux leather jacket, too, and despite the arms being a tiny bit too small and it not fully being able to zip over my boobs… I love it. I can’t wait to get more!

    Also thanks for the FYI about JustFab. I am terrified of subscription fashion services, and that kind of confirmed why.

    You look amazing in everything!

    1. Thank you <3 <3 !
      And YES! Cannot zip my faux leather jacket over my boobs either. The peplum kind of looks weird when it's zipped anyway, so I let it roll unzipped.

      Oh god yes, my experience with JustFab is hellish. If you ever want to do some breaking exposé on subscription fashion services on B&B in the future, I would be happy to share my story! They were absolutely THE WORST to deal with & made it almost impossible to get -any- money back. I actually hear Julep got just settled outside of court for a very similar predicament!

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