No Frump February Reflections

No Frump February Reflections




My friend Lauryn (@laurynwithlove on Instagram) challenged herself and a group of our friends to a No Frump February. Basically, it goes as follows: Challenge yourself to take the time to do your hair and makeup everyday, get dressed in a way that you love and go about your day feeling confident as all hell. Here’s what Lauryn herself had to say about the challenge:

 Now, this is certainly up to the interpretation of the participant. My biggest challenge to myself was eliminating the messy bun from my daily life. Messy buns are great for convenience and speed of getting ready and I will likely shout their praises for the rest of my life. However, what they don’t do is make me feel like a confident badass woman that can take on the world.


First and foremost, I want to get something out of the way up front: I don’t feel that this challenge is anti-feminist. Others may feel differently depending on their life experiences and that’s fine. But, for me, this challenge was exactly what I needed in my feminist life. I had shrunken myself down to live in this box of someone who was a wallflower, someone who, just maybe, wasn’t be cut out to be a badass and confident leader. Challenging myself to take the time to get out of bed and confront my days looking like my best self sparked something in me that I haven’t felt since high school. It made me buy clothes that fit, try new makeup or hair techniques, come up with creative or new ways to wear the same pieces of clothing I’ve had for years. It led to a spring in my step and a self-assurance that I was worthy of being treated well by others and more importantly, by myself. It also led to less Facebook browsing and interaction first thing in the morning, which actually made me happier because, let’s face it, social media can be a drain on confidence, self worth, and productivity.

I will admit, one of the things that made this challenge easier and more fun for me was having an amazing group of friends that participated with me and had daily check in posts complete with encouragement and absolutely zero shaming if someone just didn’t have it in them that day. I missed 3 days due to various reasons – laziness on one day, an upper respiratory infection for another, and a really bad mental health day. One thing I never encountered was negativity surrounding my slip ups. I was met with only kindness and love and that, more than anything, would turn out to be what gave me the power to get up and get it done the next day. This challenge empowered me and several other women to embrace their boldness and bask in compliments and love for an entire month. I can tell you, there is nothing better than knowing you’re presenting what you feel to be the best version of yourself to your friends and having them shower you with praise and affection.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a slump, I encourage you to challenge yourself in your own ways. Engage in self care and find out what you can change about your daily routines to encourage and remind yourself that you and totally and completely worthy. You do not need to convince others of your worthiness to be happy. But if you’re doubting it for yourself, I fully believe in the occasional “Fake it til you Make it” approach.” I went into February feeling very unsure of posting photos of myself everyday, scared of sharing my ideas of my beauty with others, and I came out more headstrong and bold than ever. Isn’t that all anyone wants?

Check out fill sizes of all my days on Instagram here and to see photos of more folks who participated in the No Frump February challenge, check out the #nofrumpfebruary tag on IG as well.

Love, Kyria


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