My (Body Positive) New Years Resolutions & How to Make Your Own, Too

My (Body Positive) New Years Resolutions & How to Make Your Own, Too

It looks like 2016 is easily one of the most widely-hated years on record (most everyone agrees, except maybe Leonardo DiCaprio). In an effort to begin to metaphorically shut the damn door on this 366-day trash heap, I’m bringing back an old tradition of listing out my personal resolutions for 2017, a year that will hopefully be the beacon of light we all deserve (except Donald Trump because if anything, he deserves to be left behind).

Without further ado, my 2017 resolutions:

  • Blog more, continuing to use Fat Girl Big Mouth as a platform for intersectional feminism and fat/body positivity.
  • Cook more with my partner – together, not just taking turns every other night. We have a lot more fun when we’re cooking together and trying new things.
  • Read more because I had a good groove going in 2015, then completely lost it last December. My initial benchmark is 20 books.
  • Grow things. This may be a little bit of a cop-out since I’ve already started by growing my own garlic & broccoli this winter; however, I really want to try growing more, especially in raised beds & pots come springtime.
  • Use the bujo everyday. When October came, and life went a little haywire, I lost all track of bullet journaling. It’s a damn shame because my bullet journal was the thing that kept me on-track, balancing my work and home tasks effortlessly. I got a new Leuchtturm1917 in the mail on the 27th, so it’s go time on January 1.
  • Continue to build #bakegiabake. The hashtag was born on July 1st, when I realized that pastry classes were not in the cards. Since that day, I’ve documented & photographed (albeit, not professionally) 16 bakes. My goal is to have 40 new, photographed & documented bakes on my Instagram (@giaciccone) by the end of 2017, bringing my total to 56.

Consider “Enrichment” as the Theme of Your New Years Resolutions

Before I dive in, I want to put up a content warning for some light diet talk mentioned below; moreover, in the places I’ve hyperlinked, you may see a bit of fat phobic language. I tried to find more fat-positive articles pointing to these same statistics/information, but came up empty.

My resolutions used to be littered with statements about deprivation – as most resolutions made each year tend to be. The most common being weight loss and dieting. There were a string of years in a row where I would say “I want to drop 25 pounds by my birthday in June” or “This year, those 30 pounds are going away.” This thought process is deeply rooted in deprivation – especially of foods I enjoyed – both eating & cooking – immensely. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that deprivation does not work! Moreover, you likely won’t use your gym membership after a few weeks (which is exactly what gyms want you to do, oddly enough), and the fat phobic diet/weight loss resolution that a staggering number of women* set for themselves on January 1st ends up being wildly abandoned & unsuccessful. Why are we setting ourselves up for straight up failure every single time we ring in the new year?

This year, my resolutions are full of enrichment. Growing things, doing more of what I love to do, but maybe lost track of in the hustle & bustle of everyday life. If you’re making your own resolutions this year, consider enriching resolutions over depriving ones. You may find them easier – and more enjoyable – to fulfill. So now, what are your resolutions? I’d love to read about them in the comments below!

Cheers to you, 2017.

May you come swiftly, and arm us with strength, determination, open minds, and full hearts.

xo – Gia

* Yes, there are men & non-binary people that also do the “weight loss” resolution – in fact, it’s the #1 resolution made in America every year – but women are the staggering majority.

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